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School Visits

Dottie makes school visits throughout her home state of Louisiana (she will travel further if you ask!). In the education visit, the book is read with stops along the way to dress Dottie in sun appropriate clothing and a fun mole hunt activity is followed. The mole hunt activity sheet can also be downloaded for your child's use at home. Check out School Visits for more information.


Adult Education Presentations

Former Executive Director and best friend of Lauren Savoy Olinde, Sarah Lomax Gray is available for Sun Safety and Skin Cancer Detection Education Presentations to any adult group in and around Louisiana. Sarah will speak to the audience for 45-60 minutes in total  The presentation will include a short 5 minute video as well as a powerpoint presentation on identifying suspicious spots, how to prevent skin cancer and ways to protect your skin.

Please contact Sarah Gray if you have any questions on ordering the children's book, having Sarah Gray come and speak to your group on skin cancer or anything else.

Sarah Lomax Gray
Co-Founder and Former Director, LSO Foundation

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