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Dottie the Dalmatian teaches kids how to protect their spots and identify suspicious moles. 

Currently, We have one book for Kindergarten through 3rd graders that teaches kids sun safety and mole identification using their ABC's, Dottie's Sun Survival Guide: The ABC's of Sun Safety. More about Dottie's book can be found below. You can purchase her book and a plush Dottie Dog in our online store.

Dottie also makes school visits throughout her home state of Louisiana (she will travel further if you ask!). In the education visit, the book is read with stops along the way to dress Dottie in sun appropriate clothing and a fun mole hunt activity is followed. The mole hunt activity sheet can also be downloaded for your child's use at home. Check out School Visits for more information.

Dottie the Dalmatian teaches kids how to protect the skin they’re in! Dottie’s Sun Survival Guide explains how to be sun safe and to detect skin cancer using their ABC’s.

Arden Koschel, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 2016 Episcopal high school graduate, wrote the book in partnership with the LSO Foundation, a nonprofit that endeavors to raise awareness of skin cancer and named in honor of 27-year-old Lauren Savoy Olinde, who died of melanoma skin cancer in 2012.





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